Ten-year polycarbonate suitcase warranty.

reisenthel issues a 10-years guarantee for the first buyer or recipient of this product starting with the date of purchase (warranty period) according to the terms shown hereafter.

This starts from the date of purchase (warranty period) and is subject to the following conditions for the first buyer, or individual who receives the product as a gift.
This warranty only applies if the usability of the product is significantly impaired due to a defect in the material or manufacturing that is already present when the product is handed over (fault).

However, this warranty does not apply if usability is impaired as a result of wear and tear, improper use, operating error, external effects (in particular due to damage during air or land transport, such as deformation, tears, broken shell, scratches, wear, etc.), or liquids. We recommend that you have the product investigated by a third party immediately after receiving it back from any transportation process, and immediately report damage to the carrier (e.g. the airline or railway company), which holds insurance to cover this.

To raise a claim inform us immediately about the fault along with handing over or delivery of the product and the original proof of purchase within the warranty period to the reisenthel concept store Berlin or Munich. Or contact our service hotline Tel: +49 8105 907 3206 or

reisenthel will then reach a decision as to whether the fault is covered by the warranty.
If it is covered, reisenthel will choose whether to repair or replace the product. reisenthel shall assume the costs for this, including the costs of return shipment. The costs of sending the product to reisenthel must be borne by the buyer. Incidental and subsequent damages (e.g. financial losses) are not covered by this warranty.
The warranty is limited to the value of the product.

We hope you enjoy your luggage by reisenthel!