Eine Familie – eine Marke

Together we are

Since 1971 reisenthel has been synonymous with innovative ideas, functional design and delightful everyday helpers.

Rießengroß - die reisenthel Produktfamilie

This is how reisenthel
understands creativity

reisenthel's innovative design is successful because it is functional, practical for everyday use and has a unique clarity of form. And because it is the result of creativity and passion.

Über 2.000 Dekore seit 1971

All designs

Only genuine with
the little red tag

The seal of quality of a reisenthel brand original embodies product development with passion and expertise. And an unmistakeable look.

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Urban lifestyle, modern architecture and outstanding reisenthel design are what you can expect from this very special shopping experience.

We look back with pride –
and to the future

Foresight is essential for visionary product innovation. At reisenthel, we've been working on this since 1971 – but there is always room for improvement.