Help us design the new reisenthel kids pattern!

A total of 26 ‘ABC friends’ are waiting for you to bring them to life – from the amusing anteater to the zany zebra. We’ve chosen an animal for each letter of the alphabet and sketched out their bodies for you. Pick your favourite animal and bring it to life with your colouring pens and lots of imagination! With a bit of luck, your ABC friend won’t just stay on the paper – it will become part of our new reisenthel kids pattern. OK, now over to you – grab one of our templates and join in!
pssst… our young artists can also win a trolley XS with their funny ABC friends!



Hi there, young artist!
You can download the template of your favourite animal here. Print out the template and then bring your animal to life. Go wild with your pens and set your imagination free: does your ABC friend have big teeth, a smiling mouth or perhaps a very special hairstyle? We’re excited to see it!

Send your ABC friend to by 12:00 p.m. on 22 December 2017 – and with a bit of luck your work of art will soon be part of our new reisenthel kids pattern.

Here you can find the terms & conditions

A stands for Anteater
B stands for Bear
C stands for Cat
D stands for Dog
E stands for Elephant
F stands for Flamingo
G stands for Giraffe
H stands for Hippo
I stands for Iguana
J stands for Jellyfish
K stands for Koala
L stands for Lobster
M stands for Monkey
N stands for Numbat
O stands for Octopus
P stands for Penguin
Q stands for Quail
R stands for Rabbit
S stands for Sloth
T stands for Tiger
U stands for Unicorn
V stands for Vampire Bat
W stands for Whale
X stands for Xerus
Y stands for Yak
Z stands for Zebra

Did you know that we have already drawn our funny four-legged friends together with young guest artists before? With a bit of luck, our little artists can win a trolley XS with their funny animals!

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