handheld bags/totes

Goodbye plastic bags – here come the shopping bags by reisenthel, and ahead of the pack is the mini maxi shopper! Just like all our clever mini maxis it is the ideal companion to always have at hand, spontaneously showing its full potential at the drop of a hat: in seconds it can grow from small to large, and when the job is done fold up small again and take up almost no space at all. But the maxi mini shopper is not only space saving, it also helps you save the environment. It is made of a strong polyester fabric that is much more durable than its plastic counterparts, and it can be used again and again, making the mini maxi shopper by far the more sustainable choice. And the more attractive, as no plastic bag could possibly compete with its brilliant colours and designs. Shopping with the mini maxi shopper is good for the environment and beautiful for you!