Little heroes – smart shopping with mini maxi

It’s not just their ability to instantly turn from mini pouches to spacious shoppers that makes Reisenthel’s mini maxi shoppers real-life heroes; it’s also their ability to conserve the environment. That’s because each foldable bag can be washed at 30°C and is as good as around 1,000 plastic bags, regardless of whether it’s a mini maxi shopper, a shopper pocket, a loftbag or a travelbag. reisenthel’s reusable bags are an ecologically friendly alternative to the plastic bag. They can be reused over several years, reducing the waste burden on the environment. Because, while plastic bags are only used for an average of 25 minutes, they need up to 400 years to decompose. And with their range of trendy colours and designs, our bags are much nicer to look at too! We wish you happy shopping with reisenthel!